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Danielle Marino

As a senior in the Industrial Design program at Rochester Institute of Technology, I am passionate about designing sustainable products and packages in the context of a zero-waste system.




Constantly pressed for time, a growing majority of the workforce prefers to prefers to buy lunch at work and eat at their desks.


Eating in the office can present barriers to cleanliness in the workplace, but is a necessity of everyone’s work day.


The Munch Mat is a fun and simple solution to mess on the desk, and is a sustainable alternative for plastic to-go bags.



Final concept

A simple lunch mat is used to bring food into the work space and contain any mess from eating. The mat can be lifted from the handles and it works as an insuluated bag to hold any remaining leftovers.

first concept

A larger bag that can fit a water bottle with no zipper, and hands free strap.

second concept

Lunch bag that unzips to a mat to seperate work from food and contain spills.



Final Prototype

What seperates this prototype from it’s earlier version, is the replacing the velcro with magnetic handles, allowing a quick and quiet transtion from
mat to bag.

Early Design

Based off the zipper mat design, though the zipper was never added and it just folded into a bag.

Material Study

This version is created from one piece of fabric instead of two in order to simplify manufacturing methods.




The mat provides a barrier between the surface of the desk and protects one’s desk from crumbs and spills.


Provides an alternative to paper and plastic bags that is very sustainable for the environment.


The bag material is coated cotton, making a mess-free mat that is easily cleaned.

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